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Toddler 360 Smart Toothbrush

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Our Toddler Smart Sonic Toothbrush aims to solve the problems of getting your kids to brush their teeth or not having their teeth cleaned thoroughly. We created this automatic electric toothbrush to take good care of your kids' oral health. This automatic smart toothbrush will take the chore out of brushing - and add the fun!

It is designed to brush all your child's teeth at once, with bristles that cater to your child's smile so every spot is covered and with soft silicone to massage your child's gums. Our brushes are compatible for children with braces as well.

Compared to kids with poor oral health, children who establish good oral hygiene habits at a young age:

  • Are less likely to get sick
  • Are more likely to continue excellent brushing and flossing as adults, experiencing far fewer dental problems throughout life
  • Maintain a positive self-image
  • Perform better in school
  • Have a better relationship with food
  • Compatible with braces

They just need to simply bite down, press a single button, have fun for 45 seconds, and have perfectly clean teeth!


  • CAVITY FIGHTING: This has a U type brush head design, using food-grade silicone antibacterial soft mouthpiece. It provides 360 degrees ultrasonic vibration that contacts with the gum and teeth. Every time you brush your teeth, you can give your mouth a quick and thorough brushing experience whilst remain hands-free.
  • SILICONE SOFT BRUSH: A safe and soft alternative to traditional nylon brushes. Soft on gums and vibrates and provides 75% more effective than a manual toothbrush.
  • ONLY TAKES 45 SECONDS! Automatic timing. Brushing your teeth is no longer a chore, this is the fastest device to give a thorough brush removing 99.8% bacteria in the mouth
  • CLEAN AND STERILIZED: This has an ultra-violet to sterilize the brush after each brush so you do not have to worry about germs to sensitive low immune children. This also features a turbofan to quickly dry the cup to keep the toothbrush dry.
  • SUPER SAFE: This was created to take the fear of poking, choking, or falling with a toothbrush in your kid's mouth. Our mouthpieces are safe to use with braces, fillings, and all other dental work. 
  • SAFE CHARGING: USB Wireless charging magnetic charging base, fast charging capabilities. 20 days standby time after each charging.
  • 3 MODES: Standard, Brushing, Sensitive Gum Care
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: Made to be taken anywhere and charged near any available USB port.
  • IPX7 WATERPROOF: This electric teeth whitening brush is IPX7 waterproof and one-button-operation, safe, durable, and sterile, can be used at ease.


Why is a Smart Toothbrush better for your child than traditional brushing?

  • More Effective: Traditional toothbrushes clean only as well as your brushing technique and discipline are. This toothbrush, on the other hand, attacks all surface spots from every angle with automatic precision!
  • Fast - Real Fast: Cleans all surface spots simultaneously, so your child can brush for just 45 seconds. With traditional toothbrushes, certain surface spots are cleaned for less during a two-minute brushing session.
  • Safer & Cleaner: Nylon bristles on traditional toothbrushes can scratch teeth and gums, damaging them, and your child is especially sensitive! They are also harder to clean afterward, making them a safe haven for germs to accumulate. The soft, silicone bristles are not only effective in cleaning power but are safe for teeth and gums and easy to maintain


  • Power: 2w
  • Item Size: Approx. 12.5 * 6 * 6cm / 4.92 * 2.36 * 2.36in
  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Voltage: 3.7v - 4.2v
  • Water Cup Capacity: 305mL
  • Charging mode: USB


    • 1 * Smart Sonic Tooth Brush
    • 1 * Toothbrush Heads
    • 1 * Charging Base (with USB Charging Cable)
    • 1 * Gargle Cup
    • 1 * User Manual
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