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SUNVENO Ergonomic Kangaroo Style Baby Carrier

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Give your baby the view of a lifetime and a hefty dose of brain development with the SUNVENO Ergonomic Kangaroo Style Baby Carrier. Baby carriers are notorious for causing lower back pain, but with our ergonomic carrier, you can enjoy your nurturing time with your baby without the worry of random pangs of agony.

This forward-facing, supersoft carrier is not only comfortable, but it also supplies your baby with plenty of visual stimulation and distraction as you go about your day. What better way to learn about the world!

It also provides a comfortable sitting position for baby as opposed to the traditional carrier that causes pressure and discomfort on delicate baby hips; ensures healthy skeletal development in all seating positions; can be used alone, combined with shoulder strap, or with shoulder strap and pouch; adapts with growth from baby to toddler; padded edges to protect sensitive baby skin. 


  • 3 in 1 Hipseat: Carry your baby in 3 different ways. Each carrying position is tailor-made for various phases of baby growth ranging from 0 to 36 months. All parts are fully removable so you can use the carrier how you need to!
  • Safe, Comfortable & Ergonomic: This baby hipseat is designed with the anatomy of a mother and baby in mind. The result is a natural, comfortable hipseat which distributes the weight of the baby evenly & securely. The carrier has a raised angle of inclination, combined with non-slip rubber dimples to reduce the chances of the baby slipping. The outer layer is filled with a breathable sponge that lies close to the abdomen to reduce shock & discomfort. 
  • Breathable fabric: Made of high-quality cotton material and soft polyester fabric. The breathable fabric lets you carry your baby for extended periods without excess sweat.
  • Secure belts & buckles: Uses the highest quality safety buckles and comfortable cross straps to secure the baby more safely & effectively.
  • Bottle holder on side of hipseat - Easily have a break and take a drink while carrying your baby, no need to put the baby down.
  • Phone holder pocket on side of hipseat - Easily access your phone, and even zip it up to prevent theft or misplacement. 
  • Pop-out weatherproof cap for baby - Keep your baby sheltered from the elements by withdrawing this cap from the top pocket whenever the weather goes sour on you.
  • Comfortable, supportive thick belt - The unique hook and loop fastener combined with a wide belt and 30-degree hip-seat, makes for a comfortable carry in any position while wearing the carrier. One size fits all mothers for all ages of infants and toddlers. Here's a guide with some helpful tips on how to carry your baby by age and weight.


  • Age Recommended: 0-36m
  • Material: Cotton & Polyester


  • 1 x SUNVENO Kangaroo Style Carrier
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