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Baby 2 in 1 Pillow - Anti Roll & Anti Deformity

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These pillows are a must-have for your baby, they keep your baby safe by not allowing them to roll around, and it also helps prevent your baby from developing a skull deformity due to the recess in the pillow.

Studies have shown that due to a baby's soft bone and scalp, laying them on one side for too long increases the chances of their skull developing a deformity.

"In 2013, a study of 440 healthy Canadian babies aged two to three months found 46.6 percent had plagiocephaly, with 45 of the group having moderate or severe skull deformity requiring treatment" Source




  • Soft, comfortable, and ergonomic fit for your baby's head - It feels very natural for the baby and they will sleep better.



  • Has a recess in the pillow - To allow even weight distribution of the baby's head, this will significantly reduce the chances of developing a skull deformity.



  • Cute designs & prints - There's something for every personality!




  • Suitable for: 0-36m
  • Material: Cotton (anti-static)



    • 1 x Baby Pillow


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